M.Z. Li - Young Artist, Illustrator

M.Z. Li - Young Artist, Illustrator

M.Z. (Mingzhen Li)

Young Artist, Illustrator

  • Visual China recommended illustrator
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After graduating from a master's degree, I have been engaged in illustration creation, and I am very fond of traditional Chinese myths and stories. Therefore, on this basis, I deconstructed traditional schemas and texts to construct a mythical world of my own. The work "Shan Hai Jing Long Scroll Series" has been selected for the 2nd National Illustration Art Exhibition, Illustrations in the Media--National Printmaking Illustration Exhibition, 12 Years of Chinese Illustration, and the 10th "National Hundred Flowers Award"-Chinese National Art Exhibition, etc.


  • 2016 Art and Design Works Exhibition of Integral and Prosperous Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province
  • 2018 Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Sun Yat-sen's Birth Exhibition
  • 2018 The Second Great Art Expo Excellence Award "Shan Hai Jing Long Scroll Series"
  • 2018 The Second National Illustration Art Exhibition "Shan Hai Jing Long Scroll Series"
  • 2018 The 19th Platinum Creative Award Excellence Award
  • 2019 Joint Exhibition of Graduate Students of the Four Universities of NAFA
  • 2019 "New Forces of Henan Art" Exhibition of Henan Young Artists Works
  • 2019 Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China The 6th Jiangsu Mural Exhibition
  • 2019 Illustrations in the Media--National Printmaking and Illustration Exhibition
  • 2019 "CIB-Pan Art Illustration Carnival"
  • 2019 12 Years of Illustration in China
  • 2020 The 10th "Ethnic Hundred Flowers Award" - Art Exhibition of Chinese Ethnic Groups

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